2016 NHMRR Slideshow and Winners

Thank you to all the teams and community who supported the 2016 NHMRR! It was a great day to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Congrats to our winners! 


2016 NHMRR Top Horse

Pictured with Ned Hermanson

Trent Martin & Son

NHMRR Top Hand

2016 NHMRR Top Hand

JJ Hovde

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2016 1st Place Team Neshum/Roedeske

Robert Sperry, Jim Roedeske, Clint Nesham, Jason McNally, Craige McKenzie


2016 NHMRR 2nd Place Team High Plains Vet Clinic/Leland Red Angus

Shawn Shipman, JJ Hovde, Gary Schieber, Todd Leland, Jarvis Klempel


2016 NHMRR 3rd Place Team Early Bird Construction & Pennington Fencing

Ian Pennington, Cory Foss, Ryan Forbes, Bronc Pippert, Sam Irwin


2016 Muttin' Bustin' Champs

 Jr. Champ ~ Hazen Foss
Sr. Champ ~ Rowdy Mott 


2016 Stick Horse Champs

 Sr. Champ ~ Shay Severson
Jr. Champ ~ Oaklee Lonski