2015 Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo Slideshow and Winners

Thank you to all the teams and community who supported the 2015 NHMRR! It was a great day to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Congrats to our winners! 

2015 Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo 1st Place Team

2015 RR First Place Genex(Neshum/Roedeske)

 Clint Nesham, Robert Sperry, Jim Roedeske,Jason McNally, Craige McKenzie 


2015 RR Second Place Evan's Ranch

 Don Evans, Wes Kirkaldie,

Kenny Low, Chance Hill


2015 RR Third Place Leland Red Angus/High Plains Vet

Gary Schrieber, Tim Larson,

JJ Hovde, Todd Leland, Jarvis Klempel


2015 RR Top Horse

Kenny Low



2015 RR Top Hand

Robert Sperry

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2015 Muttin' Bustin' Champs

Jr. Champ ~ Makena Balducke
Sr. Champ ~ Corbin Peacock


2015 Stick Horse Champs

 Sr. Champ ~ Ryker Ewing
Jr. Champ ~ Beau Franzen