2011 Neal Hermanson Memorial Ranch Rodeo Winners

Thank you to all the teams and community who supported the 2011 NHMRR! It was a great day to keep the memory of loved ones alive. Congrats to our winners! 


2011 RR First Place Challenger Industries

Louis & Kim Hermanson, Trent Martin, Cody Riegar, Shawn Yeager, Scott Rieger, Pete Transtrom, Ned Hermanson 


2011 RR Second Place McNally Ag Services / Genex

Louis & Kim Hermanson, Craig McKenzie, Clint Neshem, Wilbur Reid, Jason McNally, Robert Sperry, Ned Hermanson 


2011 3rd Place Leland Red Angus High Plains Vet Clinic

Louis & Kim Hermanson,

Todd Leland, Jarvis Klempel, JJ Hovde, Gary Schieber, Tim Larson, Ned Hermanson 


2011 RR Top Horse

 Robert Sperry

Pictured with Louis, Kim, & Ned Hermanson


2011 RR Top Hand

 Bridger Bohmbach

Pictured with Louis, Kim, & Ned Hermanson